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Mythic Mischief Vol. II

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"5/5... Just get this game."

Alex Radcliffe

"So much replayability"

Mark Streed
The Dice Tower

"Dripping with Personality"

Shea Parker

"It is Fantastic"

Jan Bigas

"D*MN good"

Jeremy Howard
Man vs. Maple


Jesse Anderson

"I absolutely gave this one a 5/5... it's not even remotely a question to me"

Alex Radcliffe
Alex drawn on to look like a vampire.
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All the boards of Mythic Mischief laid out on a tabletop.

Approachable Asymmetry

Easy to learn, impossible to master, enjoyable for everyone

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1-4 Players | 30-90 Minutes

The Ghosts faction board and minis.
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Approachable asymmetry

No two factions play the same, and students take pride in their unique style of crushing the other factions. Moving enemies, moving walls, special actions, and after lunch abilities are all unique!

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All seven Mythic Mischief faction boards fanned out.
The Mythic Mischief board in the middle of a game.

Constantly evolving board state

Enchanted for ease of use a Millenia ago, the Library has grown to have a mind of its own. It’s dark corridors of books are known to change, even more so with students constantly moving things around to play into their schemes.

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Upgrade your abilities

Players are able to upgrade their Faction’s abilities throughout the game by collecting powerful Tomes from around the library.

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The Monsters faction board surrounded by minis and tomes.
A picture of the Tomekeeper.

The Tomekeeper

The bone-chilling Tomekeeper takes its roll of Guardian very seriously.  While plodding through it’s daily tasks of returning Tomes to their proper place, it keeps a sharp eye for trespassing students.

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Win the game

The winner is the first Team to score 10 Mischief Points or the Team with the most points when the Tomekeeper finishes returning all of their Tomes after lunch!

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A picture of the Mythic Mischief board mid-round.

Meet the Mythics

Three stylized wizards standing in front of an abstract school background.


At first glance, this crew looks harmless. A second glance will reveal that they still look harmless, but don’t underestimate them — these portal-popping punks are here one second and gone the next! It’s like all the greatest wizards (and biggest nerds) say: “Less sun on the skin, more power within!”

Three stylized zombies standing in front of an abstract school background.


And you thought that kid in your class smelled bad... These care-free carcasses shred through the hallways like they own the place. But it’s not just grind-rails and graffiti for these ghouls, they also love a good practical joke. Teachers and monsters alike beware, these undead pranksters are rot-to-trot.

Three stylized vampires standing in front of an abstract school background.


You thought you were cool in high school? Guess again, little fool. This gang’s too ghoul for school! Decked out in dark leather and greased up in gel, mousse, and adolescent “sheen,” this trio is the epitome of bad atti...err — BAT-attitude!

Three stylized frankensteins monsters standing in front of an abstract school background.

Frankenstein's Monsters

Bolt, Bash, and Beast are an all-star, bad-dream scream- team. This Varsity crew of cadavers reeks of body odor, rigor mortis, and deodorant spray. Hall monitors beware — these monsters do not scare, and these three sporty spooks are dying for something to do!

Three stylized witches standing in front of an abstract school background.


An extra-curricular coven, these bad-witches are pretty, petty, powerful, and proud! When you see them coming, you better get running because these sharp-tongued teens have taken down the toughest of terrors with crafty spells and questionable gossip.

Three stylized trolls standing in front of an abstract school background.


This subterranean theatre troupe just finished their underground rendition of “Shakesfeare in the dark” to much critical (parental) acclaim. These loud mouthed monsters can usually be found singing in the cafeteria, or hiding out in the theatre room.


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Ruel drawn on to look like a wizard.

"I loved everything about Mythic Mischief! The smart and streamlined gameplay put a spell on me."

Ruel Gaviola

"They asked for the prototype back... I said 'no'"

Jesse Anderson
Quackalope drawn to look like a zombie
Jeremy Howard drawn on to look like a troll.

"This is one of my bigger surprises of the year... this game is d*mn good."

Jeremy Howard
Man vs. Meeple

"I am chomping at the bit to play all the factions."

Becca Scott
Good Time Society
Becca Scott drawn on to look like a monster.
Mark Streed drawn on to look like a wizard.

"Quirky and beautiful theme. I can already tell this is going to be in my top 10 preview games of the year."

Mark Streed
The Dice Tower

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Various monsters standing atop book shelves in the silhouette of of the Tomekeeper
The Mythic Middle School Crest